I was born in a small village in communist-era Hungary. My teachers said I was only good for table-waiting. Despite having a disability and no special qualifications, I believed in myself.

Joseph Felföldi is a Hungarian businessman, music producer, motivational writer and philanthropist. He was born on 10th November 1954 in Újfehértó, Hungary.
A stubborn child, he was aware of his own creative drive early on. Following early business endeavours in different areas, Joseph Felföldi founded his company Felföldi Confectionery Ltd, which he has since successfully developed into a globally-exporting enterprise employing nearly 300 people.

Growing up in a loving and caring family, Joseph always wanted to provide a supporting and encouraging environment for his children.
He has five children who, despite his love or because of it, he does not want to pamper. His philosophy is that in order to succeed, one needs not only to see the goal but the road leading towards it. Joseph wants his children to be motivated by the desire to be different, before they become actively involved in the family business, if that’s what they ultimately choose. 

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"If someone tells you it can't be done ...it's a good sign you're onto something!''

- Joseph Felfoldi -

Joseph Felfoldi - 4 Faces

Business Entrepreneur – Music Producer – Writer – Philanthropist

The Writer

It’s hard to see yourself as a writer when you have literary heroes who seem as high as the stars – for me as a Hungarian: Petöfi, Madách, Wass Albert …the list goes on.
But while working on English versions of some of my songs, I was told that some of my lyrics should rather be considered as poetry. This gave me the confidence to dig out some of the poems I had kept hidden since my youth and start working on them again. I love the grandeur of words, and the way that an idea can be shaped and distilled and then reshaped again, almost like a Rubik’s cube for the imagination.

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The Philanthropist

Helping other people isn’t just about taking from your pot and putting into someone else’s. It’s also about listening to the better angels of your nature: in other words, it’s natural to help your brother man and it will do you good, too. ’Philanthropy’ literally means: ’love for your brother man.’ I like to support local charities and initiatives with a little boost here and there, rather than a shower of money which can often create more problems than it solves.


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The Music Producer

They say mathematics is the language of science and music is the language of emotion. I wasn’t great at either at school but that doesn’t have to stop a person from building up a business or picking up an instrument – and it shouldn’t!

If you look at some of the most successful businesspeople and musicians – Steve Jobs, Anita Roddick (who I had the pleasure of meeting), John Lennon, or Lady Gaga, these people had either very little formal training or they dropped out of college to pursue their creative ideas.

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The Business Entrepreneur

Maybe you’ve thought about creating your own business enterprise? Good for you! You won’t get much holiday time, and other people will be depending on you for paying their bills.  Some days you will hit rock-bottom and you will also see some of the worst human characteristics on display, but the reward is the achievement that comes with creativity and tenacity. Plus, of course, there’s that wonderful thing called autonomy: when your only boss is Time itself. 

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The Brexit Ballet Nears it’s Final Act – Or Does It?

10. december 2018.
The Music Producer


I see myself as Hungarian first and European second, so I sympathize with the people of the UK but their decision to leave the EU was still a shock. We Hungarians have always appreciated the UK as a strong balancing voice in the EU and that’s something we are sure to miss.

This music video was uploaded to Youtube last year and gained almost 900,000 views. More than half of the views came from English-speaking countries, with most of the rest from European Union countries. Based on viewer comments and email feedback, Europeans pay particular attention to the possible causes and effects of Brexit – areas which are still shrouded in uncertainty this week as British politicians decide whether to back PM Theresa May’s last-minute deal, opt for a chaotic ‘no-deal’, or call a second public referendum.

I feel the near-one-million views and countless comments have vindicated the video project and I hope it will continue to draw attention to the importance of international political awareness as the world enters an ever more turbulent period of change.

Since the 2016 vote, the UK has lost its position as an EU growth-leader to become one of the slowest-developing EU countries. A combination of political exhaustion and business uncertainty over Brexit continue to weigh heavily on the economy, with many major employers already implementing plans to move part of their operations out of the country, or putting production and plans on hold until the future becomes clearer.

While Boris Johnson, a likely contender for UK leader, remains bullish about Brexit, the former Conservative prime minister, Sir John Major, has called the United Kingdom's exit from the EU a “historic mistake”.  One thing that both agree on: The need to abort Theresa May’s deal, seen as ‘the worst of both worlds’, as it ties the UK to EU rules while ruling the UK out of EU decision-making.

The British House of Commons, following an intensive period of debate, will vote on 11th December whether to go ahead with Theresa May’s deal, or to seek a new public referendum. As things stand, there is insufficient support within the house for May’s deal and with a weak parliamentary majority, a failure for May could even force a new General Election.

While the more ardent Brexiters would appear to relish a ‘clean break’ no-deal, it is generally accepted that this would prompt a repeat public referendum – this time, with three options on the ballot: Theresa May’s EU deal, No-deal, and No-Brexit.

The song is inspired by the English ballad tradition, with the lyrics identifying themes that Europeans associate with Britain: A misty island, at once nearby and distant; a proud seafaring nation with a long history; and a complex destiny intertwined with that of Europe. Out of respect, I sing the lyrics in English.

The choreography is arranged by Zsuzsa Laczó of the Csokonai Theater in Debrecen, with dancer Kitti Gall playing Britannia on a bare stage. The narrative evokes a combination of admiration, beauty, trauma, and sorrow.

With our eyes on Britain now, it creates an opportunity for self-reflection and wider reflection, too: Where we come from, where we are now and where we are heading to politically, physically and spiritually. These are significant questions we should contemplate and we should act if we don’t like the picture.

For the video please click on the link below:



When you are gone...

21. october 2018.
The Writer

You think life is eternal but it is just a fragile moment in time.

Tips and Tricks For Your Resume

07. october 2018.
The Business Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is not just about giving orders from behind my desk but also being responsible for the professional and satisfying performance of the employees. Therefore, I like to be involved in the recruiting process as well. Throughout the years, I have seen many CVs, and to be honest, there is still a lot of space for improvement regarding the quality of the resumes. Let me collect the most important remarks I have detected.

Higher Than the Clouds

07. october 2018.
The Writer

I knew a boy who wanted to become a parachutist.

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