About the World of Words

19. November 2019.
The Writer

Dezső Kosztolányi had collected the list of the subjectively most beautiful words for the first time.

Kiss, heart and flame are just a few of them. For me, it is quite pleasant to think about our vocabulary after the day of the Hungarian language and culture. Our language is famous for its depth and symbolic content.
It brings me joy to understand the origin of our frequently-used words. We can have some own and unique words as well. It is a valuable gift and a special freedom. 
Kosztolányi had often used the following words too: mother, pearl and blood. I also keep a special word in my memories and that is the bell.
The functions of a bell are calling attention, respect or commemoration. It clings into the everyday rush and says “Hey you, look after your life. Pay attention to your time. Look out, there might be some dangers nearby. Remember what you have been through. Understand your reality. Understand your history. Listen to the bells each noon and explain to your children the reasons why they are one of the most important heritage in our history. Pay attention to true love connections both physically and symbolically. People, please, listen to your soul and its inner qualities. Bells always raise our attention to concentrate and recall the most precious memories and intentions. It makes us think and act more effectively. In addition, other functions of bells are the following: They tell the time, invite us to pray or warn us approaching threats. Sometimes, its sound reminds us of mercy.  And there is a sacring bell for everyone’s last call. It matters what is its reason for. The message is for the people alive. It says: show more respect, interest, presence and dignity. While the motion symbolises the dynamics between the beginning and the end. There is life in it and it matters what kind of it is. It matters whether it is broken or it is filled with faith, hope and love.


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About the World of Words

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Dezső Kosztolányi had collected the list of the subjectively most beautiful words for the first time.

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