Basic Calculations

17. October 2019.
The Businness Man, The Writer

These days, people frequently ask me about these questions: “ Isn’t it hard to make friends, well-known for being a powerful and successful businessman?” and “How can I know that someone loves me the way I am, simply for my character, and not because of my possessions?”

I believe, this topic is thought-provoking enough to write about that in details later.
But now, I intend to share my thoughts on the woman-man financial dynamics.

In my opinion, about 99% of women do not seek the patroniser in men. On the contrary, most women especially require to feel more powerful and more independent than ever before. Women want to ellaborate their own potential and they are also ready to make their own financial decisions.

But please, always be calculative, when it comes to decide on a long-term commitment. Yes, I mean it, be more calculative, ladies.
In most cases, sooner or later, when a couple starts planning to have kids, they both need to evaluate everything accordingly. In order to come to terms with every priority, the partners need to face with difficulties that were never ever occured before.

The man needs to be willing to take the only breadwinner role for an undetermined time. (The fact, that there are some social benefits, what makes the case a bit easier, it undoubtly can’t solve most of the problems.

It is so desperate, when a mother must be careful with every single dollar she has, when she has to forget about her own wishlist, just because all the diapers and supplies should be bought. How often can we see and hear about that?

Those broken, handsome young men and vehement artistic souls, who can be seen in all those love stories are not real heroes. Real heroes are those men, who appreciate their partner every day, and no matter how hard it is, how much effort does it take to stabilise their common ground, they do it with all their heart.

Unfortunately, there is an increasing number of women, who take the men’s responsibilities too, and keep saving all what they have to make ends meet. But of course, there is an end of this mess.

What will be the circumstances of that and where do they lead to? It will be basically divorce. People will say that “it was all because of the money” or “there is no wonder, that the husband has sought affection somewhere else. His wife has turned so cold for sure”

Relationship and marriage are all about giving and receiving. It might be strange, but I feel the same in business, too. If someone offers something (e.g. time, appreciation, tidy home, fresh food and cosiness), then it is surely reasonable to expect something else (e.g. stability) back from the other.
If there is something crucial missing, you are going to lose interest. It is just question of time.
That is why, it is especially important you to be careful choosing your partner.

Dear ladies, I am not saying, that you should search for BMWs near your home, it is pretty fine, if the gentleman goes by bike most of the time. What matters is that, you should pay extra attention to the basics, because if there are some issues with them, then the whole thing is going to be devastated sooner or later.

I share my thoughts, you share your opinion.

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