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They say mathematics is the language of science and music is the language of emotion. I wasn’t great at either at school but that doesn’t have to stop a person from building up a business or picking up an instrument – and it shouldn’t!

If you look at some of the most successful businesspeople and musicians – Steve Jobs, Anita Roddick (who I had the pleasure of meeting), John Lennon, or Lady Gaga, these people had either very little formal training or they dropped out of college to pursue their creative ideas.

The Brexit Ballet Nears it’s Final Act – Or Does It?

10. December 2018.
The Music Producer

  I see myself as Hungarian first and European second, so I sympathize with the people of the UK but their decision to leave the EU was still a shock. We Hungarians have always appreciated the UK as a strong balancing voice in the EU and that’s something we are sure to miss.  

Embrace the Freedom!

30. June 2018.
The Music Producer

Being an entrepreneur I am perfectly aware of the feeling of having a sufreit of something.  

Felfoldi Music - I loved you

29. June 2018.
The Music Producer

Every relationship is a roller coaster with either lower or higher swings. 


11. May 2018.
The Philantropist, The Writer, The Music Producer

There is one thing what connects every single person on earth - mother. Today, on the occasion of Mother's Day, we honor and say thanks to the women who sacrificed a certain part of their life for us, for their children.

Weight Before You Judge!

11. May 2018.
The Music Producer

I learned the first guitar chords many-many years ago in the hospital when I was still recovering from my accident. To distract my mind I started humming melodies, then bent over an anthology trying to connect the words with the tune. Then, I did not expect my love with music an poetry last a lifetime.

The Story Behind the Momma

21. March 2018.
The Music Producer

Love and tragedy: New music video by Joseph Felföldi tells wartime story of mother’s first love.

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Basic Calculations

17. october 2019.
The Businness Man, The Writer

These days, people frequently ask me about these questions: “ Isn’t it hard to make friends, well-known for being a powerful and successful businessman?” and “How can I know that someone loves me the way I am, simply for my character, and not because of my possessions?”

Know How to Say Sorry and How to Forgive

28. september 2019.
The Philantropist, The Writer

We all need to detoxicate ourselves by forgiving us and others.

There is a place

21. september 2019.
The Writer

There is a place which can be seen as your home - no matter how far you are from it.

An Open Letter to my Children

17. september 2019.
The Business Entrepreneur

Candy kingpin Joseph Felfoldi reflects on the pros and cons of juggling a hectic business life with the challenges and responsibilities of parenting.

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