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Helping other people isn’t just about taking from your pot and putting into someone else’s. It’s also about listening to the better angels of your nature: in other words, it’s natural to help your brother man and it will do you good, too. ’Philanthropy’ literally means: ’love for your brother man.’ I like to support local charities and initiatives with a little boost here and there, rather than a shower of money which can often create more problems than it solves.


Men, Dare to Be MEN

14. May 2018.
The Philantropist

I want to encourage all men out there who have all done wrong, made bad choices, mistakes or are trying to live right and become a better man… DO NOT GIVE UP.

You Can't Cross the Same River Twice

14. May 2018.
The Writer, The Philantropist

I could spend hours watching nature’s creations; mountains, stars, streams. 

Want Just Enough

11. May 2018.
The Philantropist, The Writer

A few days ago, I received a message from a lady asking my opinion about how she could show more appreciation for the things she has. Her message was quite thought-provoking since I myself experience it quite often how easy it is to treat things and people surrounding us as self-evident.


11. May 2018.
The Philantropist, The Writer, The Music Producer

There is one thing what connects every single person on earth - mother. Today, on the occasion of Mother's Day, we honor and say thanks to the women who sacrificed a certain part of their life for us, for their children.

Open Letter to My Twin Daughters

10. May 2018.
The Philantropist

Although you are now mature, grown up, successful women, what I still hold in my heart is your child’s faces wearing joyful smiles. All the sweet memories tie me to you, yet I know, how you missed me as your father. This is what I want to tell you about.

How Trees Make Me a Better Person

10. May 2018.
The Philantropist

To me, nature is sacred. The trees connect those two essentials: books and fresh air. 

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The Brexit Ballet Nears it’s Final Act – Or Does It?

10. december 2018.
The Music Producer


I see myself as Hungarian first and European second, so I sympathize with the people of the UK but their decision to leave the EU was still a shock. We Hungarians have always appreciated the UK as a strong balancing voice in the EU and that’s something we are sure to miss.


When you are gone...

21. october 2018.
The Writer

You think life is eternal but it is just a fragile moment in time.

Tips and Tricks For Your Resume

07. october 2018.
The Business Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is not just about giving orders from behind my desk but also being responsible for the professional and satisfying performance of the employees. Therefore, I like to be involved in the recruiting process as well. Throughout the years, I have seen many CVs, and to be honest, there is still a lot of space for improvement regarding the quality of the resumes. Let me collect the most important remarks I have detected.

Higher Than the Clouds

07. october 2018.
The Writer

I knew a boy who wanted to become a parachutist.

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