Democracy Today

12. September 2019.
The Writer, The Philantropist

Democracy is still highly-debated after all those historical eras. Is it as it is supposed to be? No, I don’t think so.

As people say, it will be like this until someone finally comes up with something better.
And of course, it could be much better than it is currently.
The main trouble is that democracy struggles with its unjust proportion.
There are billions of spectators, millions of critics but only a couple of activitists in the game.
Whose fault is that? Well, it is also yours, dear reader. It’s all about the demos aka the folk.
Unfortunately, the majority of us, are merely spectators.
Most of us are participating, listening, but aren’t willing to interfere with any critical matter. We should change that first.
The reason for the lack of activists is the ignorance of the wider folk. Where’s the confidence and where’s the pursuit? Why are these always out of stock?
Just think of Brexit. What’s going on with the U.K.? It seems like a desparate combination of mess and shame.
There wouldn’t be such a circus if there would be more critics than spectators. It depends on the person, they say.
But what if the people would choose to be critics instead of plain spectators, and the democracy could be closer to fair play.
It’s not fair and just now. But what about tomorrow, then?

I share my thoughts, you share your opinion.

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