Do You Really Love Me?

24. October 2019.
The Writer, The Businness Man

In one of my previous writings, I have revealed my doubts about my closest friends’ honest intention. I can not be sure whether they love me for who I am, or they just want to take advantage of me.

I suppose that you are expecting me to tell you my intricate theories, but the truth is: I don’t know.
There is no technological device or definite approach that can make me 100% sure about the authenticity of others’ interests.
The case is even more complicated when love is involved in it. Affection and intimacy serve as increased options for vulnerability. Yet, I need to add that the situation is not as problematic as you would think by the first glance.
I am so grateful for the women who have been surrounded me, and I do not have any regrets about the time that I spent with them, all the affection I have received from them and the support I have given them in return.
I have never been as stingy as Dagobert duck. I have given everything with all my heart and all my love. Even if the sparkle was gone, I did not intend to have back anything at all.
Thanks to my wise partner-choosing decisions, I have had pretty strong and stable decades-long relationships. I never sought partners only for a few weeks or months and I avoided getting closer to young ladies with whom we would not have been more in common than sexual tension. I did not want to play games with any woman. A woman is not a possession we can own and whom we can take anywhere we prefer.
For me, the ideal woman is a real partner, who will be the ultimate companion of my thoughts, my feelings and my life. The person who participates in my wonderings and my deepest hesitations without rolling her eyes at me. She understands my jokes and feels free to share her stories.
This woman will not be perfect. It is not certain that she will be younger than me, it is not sure that she will agree with me all the time either. Yet, I know this is why she will be so ideal.

I share my thoughts, you share your opinion.

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