Now I Am 65...

11. November 2019.
The Writer

This morning, before I went cycling I was thinking about all the things that I face.

It is quite a rare moment, because I’m almost always on the go. But today is a special day. That is the main reason why I can manage this self-evaluation.
I was sitting on my bed in my birthday suit, and I started examining myself. I moved my toes and I could feel that I am still especially active, thank God. I made a circle with my ankle and I touched my knees, I stretchted my legs and I appreciated feeling every muscle in my body.
I felt so grateful for my body, because it still makes it possible to go for more even after 65 eventful years.
I stood up and went to the mirror. I began to observe myself in its surface. I took a look at my butt, which I haven’t sat on many times throughout the years. I am really proud of it. I know it did the best at saving me from falling. It is the greatest airbag of all kinds.
I turned around to face the mirror again. I gazed at the curves of hips and not far below, my male treasure.  “Well, well, well, only God knows how many adventures has it had so far.”  And I started looking back all those memories I preserve in the most nostalgic way. Every spark and attraction I have felt, made me the person I’ve become.
Then I looked at my stomach. It is not as stiff as before. It saddened me a little, but I could immediately recall many moments when I laughed so hard that I felt it actively moving. Despite the extra weight I am far from chubbiness.
I took another turn and spectated my spine. With my heart, they are the most essential parts of my body. My spine makes me who I am. Without it and my principles I would be completely lost. 6 decades of cutting logs made it also pretty strong throughout the years. My shoulders are stiff, though I try to relax. Maybe I’ve carried too much weight and took more risks than necessary. I’m deeply grateful for my massive pillars that protected me from all the hardships.
I found my chest quite ordinary. There isn’t a tattoo on it, it was never waxed, but I maintained it always in my own way. It has nothing unusual about it, but it is so special. I store my heart behind it, and keep every loved one there in my soul. What are my chest and my arms for? For hugging.
I wish I had a statistics of the number of hugs I gave and I received in 65 years. I know the result would be pretty impressive. For me, it is the best thing that could happen between two people. I realised that I started to smile.
I have got nice teeth. I like my mouth too. How many simple or charming, artistic phrases or swear-words have I said so far? I said yes for my wife, educated my children and made plenty of deals with this mouth. We have been through a lot.
I touched my confirmed nose. It is not small and thank God, it has an especially good scent for exploring great business opportunities. I think that I can not complain. I fixed my eye-pad which has become an integrated organ of my body.
And then I observed my well-cut grey hair. I haven’t started baldening yet, it is the heritage of my father. My hair is now snow white, but I am really proud of it. Many people say that I look more handsome with this colour.
My inspection was close to its end. There was only one thing left to evalute and that is my soul throughout my eye. I examined it with both criticism and curiousity. I am happy that I could stand my stare.
I have no shame. I have no regret. Of course, I made many mistakes. But who didn’t? Does it even matter? I think that the most important thing to focus on is the life-appreciating attitude. I lived well and authentically. I have always gone for my dreams and my desires.
I am grateful for my life and I am glad that I could make endless daring decisions.

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This morning, before I went cycling I was thinking about all the things that I face.

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