Seeding and reaping

22. May 2018.
The Business Entrepreneur

Business should be about seeding, not reaping. The fundament of this is learning. I learn, develop, test, fail, edify, correct and think again every day in my work. But in the meantime, I am constantly marching towards my goal. Now, I would like to list some important realizations which have moved me forward in business. Let’s call it the ‘13 Rules of a Business Man’.

1. Stay fair - your promise, handshake, credit should never lose their value.
2. Be prepared for your business engagements ‘cause there is no second chance.
3. Do not let greediness become your compass. Money does not matter. But if you have uncounted money, that means you might have achieved something.
4. You need to be faster than your rivals and even faster than yourself, ‘cause in business there are only fast or deceased.
5. Watch and acknowledge the criticism of the concurrency. If you are smart, you can learn from it.
6. Show your sympathy for the losers but remember, winners rule the world.
7. The small ones destroy, the big ones teach.
8. Uncertainty is not only useless but a sin in business.
9. There is no objective or subjective perspective in business. Simply, you are a participant.
10. Business is a risk, and risk is a task.
11. Your business secrets can only be untangled by you and the All Mighty.
12. To create is to move on.
13. A business man is not only driven by today, but called by tomorrow.


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