Ten Commandments and the Modern Days

11. May 2018.
The Writer

You can follow whatever creed or system of belief. You may even be an atheist. May you be however openminded or free-spirited, if you make mistakes, sooner or later you will find out, that your acts go back to you in some form.

There are however some unwritten rules of life, which, if followed, provide you a clean conscience and a smooth way towards your goals:
1. Appreciate the water, the soil, and the air and do not pollute them
2. Let your love be true saving from untrue
3. Plant a tree at least yearly providing shadow for your children
4. Get on your knees not only when tired
5. Make every day Children’s Day
6. Do not fan the flame or sadness
7. Forgive those who hurt you
8. Bend down to the fallen
9. Treat others as your siblings. This will give you peace.
10. Remember who you are, where you are and where you came from.

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