The Power of Words

11. May 2018.
The Business Entrepreneur

I know it is discreditable but when I am nervous I tend to use a foul language. It was when I was thirteen years old when my parents warned me that I turn the air blue.

I was ashamed of it, and I promised myself that in the future I will try to be more conscious about it. Of course, I failed to exercise restraint in a long term.

Yesterday; however, life posed me a new challenge. One of my colleagues warned me that I am cursing. Long story short, it reminded me of something: what I say out loud today, will have an effect on my future. Our words can create and destroy as well. We can talk to each other in the language of love and encouragement or in the language of impatience and prejudice.

I wish that we all could become better leaders by taking bigger responsibility for our thoughts and words. Speaking is an art, use your language wisely.                                                                                                                                                                       

I share my thoughts, you share your opinion.

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