The Two-Sided Coin

08. August 2018.
The Business Entrepreneur

Generally people think that financial wellfare means a carefree and peaceful life. Which is true .. to some extend.

But in reality things are not so easy peasy lemon squeezy. My journey has begun a long time ago; I started more than four decades back. Serial attempts, successe and even more failures led to the standard of living I can afford now.

The car of “the man who tried everything to make a fortune” can be a thorn in the eye of many, and there are probably many other who are nettled about other aspects of my lifestyle. Being wealthy is a blessing. It makes life easier and frees you up. However, as an outsider, you can never see what the backstage hides. Sleepless nights, responsibility, unrealistic expectations, over exeggarated misconceptions, fake friends, and huge disappointments.

You thing being an entrepreneur is easy. But, in truth, you are responsible for the livelihood of hundreds of people. You think just because I can afford many things I am capable of anything. But, in fact, I have my own limits too. You think that I am a man of means I live life by the mouthful. Imagine it, I would never change a traditional Hungarian ‘lepcsánka’ for a fancy meal in a Michelin- starred restaurant. Besides its benefits, wealth introduced me to nastiness as well. It ruined relationships, and brought at least the same amount of disingenuous friends.

Reaching a point where you do not have to think about tomorrow is an incredible achievement but you, my friend, never forget to remark the HUMAN behind the garnish. A coin has two sides.

I share my thoughts, you share your opinion.

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