The World Faces With Crucial Revolutions

18. October 2019.
The Philantropist, The Writer

The world faces with crucial revolutions. Everywhere and every day. 

Currently, the Turkish army has crossed the border of Syria and decided to resident at that independent land. The kurdish nation’s desperate situation raises the classic question: Is it really the most essential and the most appropriate approach to make soldiers flung into the conflict of tribes and nations? Unfortunately, as I can see it, there will always be some wars in the world, and what is even sadder, the war industry, as the most powerful industry of all, is now on the top of the world. The conflicts are about privilege and prestigue. People intend to own more and more territories and natural resources. Well, yes, the troops might help to bring peace into a chaotic scenario. Yet, if the arms and military preparedness are the only things that can hold things together, then that case is a real nightmare. All in all, I believe that military power can indicate peace, but it can not be its ultimate source.

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