There is a place

21. September 2019.
The Writer

There is a place which can be seen as your home - no matter how far you are from it.

Where every house, surrounding, streets and towns are familiar to you. Where you can eaily unite with memories, places, scences and images. Where your childhood memories, games and tales are rooted. Where your tears reaveled each of your joy and sorrow, and despite everything you keep coming back over and over again. There is a place, where hands were protecting you. Where you received abundant love and reasonable restrictions. There are people, whose childhood lessons are sweeter than other, but there are also several spectators whose connection is rather  difficult. This place is the crib of your life. It awaits you to return and offers you plenty of opportunities. It serves the things that nothing else can: the liveliness, the santliness and the framework of your evolution.

There is a place, where you can understand anybody's thoughts. You share the language, and if you are on the right track and you are open to change, you can get on well with anyone easily. There is a bond between each memory, laughter and cry. The passionate commitments of the heroes of revolutions give us the example. Even their names are saint to us.

There is a place, where you can perceive every tiny inner reflection with knowing there are so much yet to discover. You feel it here, that the past, the present and the future frequently meet. Memories, goals and emotions. And their bond that is stronger than anything. It is a commitment too. The commitment of love, the commitment of family, the commitment of friendship. These commitments are the most intensive ones. This place is your home. Here are the most authentic frameworks and contents. Yet, it is true, that life can be great and eventful at various places, but the chain of the finiest self-expressions and the tiniest reflections remains within you, and it is fully your. As the same way as mine. It's ours.

I strongly belong to my home. If I would be separated, I would just float as an empty, thrown-away bottle on the ocean.



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There is a place which can be seen as your home - no matter how far you are from it.

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