Want Just Enough

11. May 2018.
The Philantropist, The Writer

A few days ago, I received a message from a lady asking my opinion about how she could show more appreciation for the things she has. Her message was quite thought-provoking since I myself experience it quite often how easy it is to treat things and people surrounding us as self-evident.

  • Do you have a place to live? You are luckier than 150 million homeless people in the world.
  • Do you have food to eat? You are luckier than 795 million people starving not having enough food to lead a healthy life.
  • Do you live in peace? Be happy that you do not need to live in those countries, where people live their everyday lives in the terror of war.

Nowadays, I often hear that children are craving for smartphones, teenagers for cars, and adults for different things considered as status symbols while their life, their own, single life which cannot be repeated just goes by them. Sadly, the idea of equality is still utopia but everyone can find something, he or she can be thankful for. You can be grateful if you have a place to call your home, you can be grateful if you have someone to expect you home. You can be thankful for the good health and you can be thankful if you do not live in necessity.

The way I see it, our satisfaction starts with the basics. We need to appreciate the simplest things. In this manner, living a happy and contented life, we will be able to reach other great things. Even the most usual life can be seen as luxurious. It all depends on the perspective.

Are you able appreciate what you have?

I share my thoughts, you share your opinion.

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