Why Is Everything More Important?

20. November 2019.
The Writer, The Philantropist

Most people have the priviledge to appreciate the proximity of their parents.

We might take their presence and support for granted. It is natural to have food on the table, to feel comfortable in the house, to buy shoes and coats if the previous ones don’t fit anymore.They take care of our clothes, they cover us with a blanket if we fall asleep and when we go through failures and disappointments, they offer their shoulders to cry on.
As we grow older, we become more independent and self-reliant. We don’t require way less support from them. They are there in our life just like lighthouses to guide our ways. Each parent takes care of their child’s welfare with his/her intentions and abilities. Some of them give money to save, give away their cupboards and sofas to furnish your house or could also spend money on your construction.
Later on, they look after their grandchildren, cook or bake something to provide us the food we don’t have enough time to prepare. There is nothing more precious than their unconditional love. As the years go by, our children grow older too, there is no one to look after, and no need to pay many visits. We don’t need any special, so we just rather stay at home. It is quite a big deal. Imagine to drive or travel there in these traffic jams for an hour both to and then go back. Our older relatives require more and more support from us. We are responsible for them and their well-being. I might try to avoid dealing with more difficulties. People also try to take more effort than they have already taken. But the truth is that there are people who really need our help. It is hard to face the fact that our parents are just as mortal as everyone. And no matter what, we are supposed to take care of them and help them as much as we can.
I recall the memory of an old lady at the age 80-something, was struggling with cutting logs all alone. I was on a holiday with my eldest son, Joseph and as we were walking in the forest, we saw the old lady. I felt the need to stop by and ask her a few questions. After I offered my help, she got a bit confused, but she accepted my offer, even if she felt hesitant about it. The log-cutting lasted 20 minutes. It took only 20 minutes, but it meant so much more than that. After I finished the job, the lady started crying so hard. She told me that she has raised 6 children and 2 of them still live in the same town as her. I wonder where they were in a situation like this. Why was the old lady struggling with this tiring manly job? I was upset and I still feel the same after all these years. I promised myself that I will never let my parents down, after they had raised me up so decently.

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Most people have the priviledge to appreciate the proximity of their parents.

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