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Higher Than the Clouds

07. October 2018.
The Writer

I knew a boy who wanted to become a parachutist.

How can you love me this much?

30. September 2018.
The Writer

...They had a long-term and adventurous relationship together starting when they were still juvenile through every significant moment of their lives. 

Problem? No Problem!

11. September 2018.
The Writer

Regardless we do it on purpose or not, in our minds, we always categorize people.

Back to Reality

09. September 2018.
The Writer

It is 2018. The era of self appointed preaches.

The Two-Sided Coin

08. August 2018.
The Business Entrepreneur

Generally people think that financial wellfare means a carefree and peaceful life. Which is true .. to some extend.

My Biggest Enemy

08. August 2018.
The Writer

I consider myself to be a bold man with a life accompanied by some phobias. Does it make me a weak person? No. Does it shorten my opportunities? Definitely!

"The Road Not Taken"

13. July 2018.
The Writer, The Business Entrepreneur

Decisions can be good or bad.


13. July 2018.
The Business Entrepreneur, The Writer

People need success in every aspect of their lives.

Emotional Financials

13. July 2018.
The Writer

Earlier token of love meant a love letter, a rose, or something like.

When Negativity Suffocates You

13. July 2018.
The Writer

Whatever we do, people will always have an opinion about us.

Embrace the Freedom!

30. June 2018.
The Music Producer

Being an entrepreneur I am perfectly aware of the feeling of having a sufreit of something.  

Felfoldi Music - I loved you

29. June 2018.
The Music Producer

Every relationship is a roller coaster with either lower or higher swings. 

Don't search for your happiness in others

21. June 2018.
The Writer

Don’t ever wait for another person to make your life better, that's your job.

Mysterious Moon

20. June 2018.
The Writer

The soul of a person is like the Moon.

Flying high always comes with fear: If you aren’t afraid, you’re foolish

01. June 2018.
The Writer

I’ve always been afraid of flying. For this reason, I drive long distances for business meetings and holidays. I’ve driven to England, Spain, and up and down Italy. I’ve motored across Germany more times than I can remember. For short breaks I often visit Venice and Vienna, both of which are not too far from my native Hungary.

Life, Lavender, and Loving Without Expectation: A Summer Story

30. May 2018.
The Writer

For me, the first image of summer that comes to mind is just beautiful fields of purple lavender. Every year in June, I pay a visit to the annual lavender festival at Tihany. It’s a beautiful spot on Lake Balaton in Hungary; a pretty church sits on top of a natural promontory overlooking the lake and the lower slopes are laid out with row upon row of beautiful purple lavender. The elevated position means there is a gentle breeze that, together with the warm sunshine, helps to carry the sublime fragrance to one’s nostrils. It’s often said that smell is the most powerful trigger for memories so perhaps that’s why the memory is especially vivid.

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Where Are You Going?

25. november 2019.
The Writer, The Philantropist

I often hear that the youth of this generation has an enormous potential. 

Why Is Everything More Important?

20. november 2019.
The Writer, The Philantropist

Most people have the priviledge to appreciate the proximity of their parents.

About the World of Words

19. november 2019.
The Writer

Dezső Kosztolányi had collected the list of the subjectively most beautiful words for the first time.

Now I Am 65...

11. november 2019.
The Writer

This morning, before I went cycling I was thinking about all the things that I face.

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