The Writer

It’s hard to see yourself as a writer when you have literary heroes who seem as high as the stars – for me as a Hungarian: Petöfi, Madách, Wass Albert …the list goes on.
But while working on English versions of some of my songs, I was told that some of my lyrics should rather be considered as poetry. This gave me the confidence to dig out some of the poems I had kept hidden since my youth and start working on them again. I love the grandeur of words, and the way that an idea can be shaped and distilled and then reshaped again, almost like a Rubik’s cube for the imagination.

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The Philanthropist

Helping other people isn’t just about taking from your pot and putting into someone else’s. It’s also about listening to the better angels of your nature: in other words, it’s natural to help your brother man and it will do you good, too. ’Philanthropy’ literally means: ’love for your brother man.’ I like to support local charities and initiatives with a little boost here and there, rather than a shower of money which can often create more problems than it solves.


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The Music Producer

They say mathematics is the language of science and music is the language of emotion. I wasn’t great at either at school but that doesn’t have to stop a person from building up a business or picking up an instrument – and it shouldn’t!

If you look at some of the most successful businesspeople and musicians – Steve Jobs, Anita Roddick (who I had the pleasure of meeting), John Lennon, or Lady Gaga, these people had either very little formal training or they dropped out of college to pursue their creative ideas.

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The Business Entrepreneur

Maybe you’ve thought about creating your own business enterprise? Good for you! You won’t get much holiday time, and other people will be depending on you for paying their bills.  Some days you will hit rock-bottom and you will also see some of the worst human characteristics on display, but the reward is the achievement that comes with creativity and tenacity. Plus, of course, there’s that wonderful thing called autonomy: when your only boss is Time itself. 

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