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Karma Clutter

Sometimes, the greatest gifts are the most misunderstood. If you don't know the beginning or the end of a story then you don't really know the story - don't be too quick to judge!

Happiness | Pop | Happy Summer Vibes 2018

The simplest things are the best in life. Take it easy and be happy!

Flying High | apache | spiritual shamanic music

Flying high always comes with fear: If you aren’t afraid, you’re foolish. But guess what: your real life starts on the other side of the obstacle standing in front of you.

Felfoldi Music - Freedom

Living in a treadwheel washes you out and YOU’re the only one who can step out of it. Spice up your life, chase your dreams, be bold and leave that comfort-zone finally behind. Embrace the Freedom!

Felfoldi Music - I loved you

Moving on after a break-up needs time and perseverance which can be even more difficult living in one's memories and anxiety. This song is a depiction of an unclosed relationship with a question hanging in the air: is there any chance for resumption?

Felfoldi Music -I loved you (remix)

Moving on after a break-up needs time and perseverance which can be even more difficult living in one's memories and anxiety. This song is a depiction of an unclosed relationship with a question hanging in the air: is there any chance for resumption?

A Day In The Life

People often ask what my days are like when I am at home, and I’m always happy to share insights into town life. But there are also many of you who ask how my days are shaped when I am working. With that in mind, here is a day in the life, Hungarian entrepreneur style.

Joseph Felfoldi - Limlom

We are human – we form opinions, we label and we judge. But you can only fully know a story if you know every aspect of it. You can only understand other people and the intention behind their decisions if you put yourself in their shoes. Consider before you judge!

Joseph Felfoldi - Mom

I wrote this poem in 1985 about my mother who is a considerably hard woman. I could only look behind her wide shield a few years ago. All her life she was trying to make things smooth for me on her confident, and rugged way but I found out that her gritty character is a cover of a loving heart.

The success of a company: The Team

The success of a company comes down to one thing: the team. At Felföldi Édességgyártó KFT and Felfoldi Music our employees are our backbone, and the engine that drives our company forward.

Felfoldi Music - Momma

In good time for Mother’s Day, this song provides a touching reminder that mothers – and great-grandmothers – were all once young and carefree, perhaps falling in love for the first time, long before the duties and concerns of mothering occupied their days.

Joseph Felfoldi - Turn back the time

The story is about a girl who made her man very disappointed and upset but the man is still hoping that she could turn back the time and they could be happy again.The lyrics and the melody suits each other perfectly hence the video is very remarkable.

Joseph Felfoldi - Brexit ballet

What do Europeans think about Brexit? Hungarian Businessman and film/music producer Joseph Felfoldi has expressed some of the mixed feelings in a fusion of song and choreography titled ''Brexit Ballet''.

Make your beginning - in Hungarian language

A real motivational video which gives you a clear picture about what is the right way to follow in life.Life is challenging for all of us, but there is no success without achieving our goals and making our dream to come true.It always seems impossible until it is done.Excuses don't get results. Always be positive and keep moving forward.

Joseph Felfoldi - Life is Beautiful Even Though it Hurts

This is an emotional song with nice melody and touching lyrics that makes you believe that whatever happens to you life is still beautiful. And it is beautiful, so we all must make all the efforts to make the most of it and enjoy as much as possible.

Ria Ria Hungaria - UEFA EURO 2016

A song about the greatest football player of all time Puskas Ferenc, who's memory is still coming back to the present and motivates the Hungarian team. The song is expressing the trust and faith in the Hungarian team and also motivates them to play from heart for the Nation and for Puskas.

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In one of my previous writings, I have revealed my doubts about my closest friends’ honest intention. I can not be sure whether they love me for who I am, or they just want to take advantage of me.

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