Back to Reality

09. September 2018.
The Writer

It is 2018. The era of self appointed preaches.

The era of fake profiles being followed by millions of teenagers. The era of the music being not more than the mixture of machine-created sounds. The era, when instead of talent, appearance became the number one priority. The era when believing in something better we deliver our lives into the hands impersonal advice of strangers’. The era when these self-appointed ‘coaches’ make fortunes by selling cliches to people in financial and emotional need.

But guess how does it looks like in reality: it is only You who can really know yourself. You are the one who can make your own decisions. Everyone’s life is different thus, knowing the situation best only You can make the right choice. You are the only one who knows the people surrounding you, thus You are the one to decide what is the best for You and for them. Only You can dream your dreams and only You can measure the actions and effort you can make in order to succeed.  You are the one who needs to live in the present, because if you only follow others’ advices, you will remain your shadow forever. Don’t let your own life outrun you, ‘cause if you only listen to the external voices, you will drop behind everything what happens in your own life.



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