Higher Than the Clouds

07. October 2018.
The Writer

I knew a boy who wanted to become a parachutist.

He loved 'skygazing' and his thoughts were always above the clouds. And finally, he got clouds; thick, ugly thunderclouds above his head. If I want to use an understatement, I would say, he had a difficult childhood. Due to his perseverance and will-power, he found his fortune in life, but the passed opportunity of becoming a parachutist has never moved out of his head. I met him recently and asked if he would do anything differently if he could start it over. The answer was short and sharp: despite all the fears, I would definitely take that plane.

Your thoughts are incredibly strong, especially those which try to deprive you of the best opportunities. Acknowledge your failures from the bottom of your heart and never hesitate to try again if you feel ready. Swim with the tide but when in deep water always remind yourself that you are the stronger. Your dreams are the bricks of your future, so don’t forget to dream tonight!

I share my thoughts, you share your opinion.

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