How can you love me this much?

30. September 2018.
The Writer

...They had a long-term and adventurous relationship together starting when they were still juvenile through every significant moment of their lives. 

They’ve seen each other in the best and in the worst sometimes trying to hold together even when the whole world was against them. And they made it.

She was outgoing, and he was rather a man of silence. They both had their own impurities but somehow, despite all their disagreements, they brought the best out of each other. After long years spent together, she asked him: “How can you love me this much?” He just shrugged his shoulder and kissed her on her forehead…

The above lines could have been quoted from a dime novel but they describe a pure story of a friend of mine. He shared it with me years ago but I will remember this question till the end of time. “How could he love him that much? The answer is simple. Because if you feel this real, unconditional love, you love that person despite all the impurities and love for all the beauties he or she carries within.

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