My Biggest Enemy

08. August 2018.
The Writer

I consider myself to be a bold man with a life accompanied by some phobias. Does it make me a weak person? No. Does it shorten my opportunities? Definitely!

I confess, there is not a day in my life which is not penetrated by fear. I a constantly worrying, and I am only aware of my concentrical comfort zones in theory whilst I am sitting in the middle. One layer is the símbol of my fear oh hight, the other one of depth. The third one is the collecting point of extreme situations neighboring my doubts in trust. The next one is the dreadful zone of helplessness and exploitation bounded by my fear of letting go. The list goes on, and sometimes I myself cannot determine the number of the items on it.

Fear is a natural reaction of the body. Caution keeps us safe in considerably dangerous situations. However, the evergreen fact about fears being emphasized by our mind cannot just be erased. Do I envy people living their lives to its fullest diving in deep water or flying high? Believe me, I DO!

But what I realized today is the fact that all I need is my dreams, my curiosity, and my desire to be stronger than my fear. And I feel strong enough to be able to defeat my biggest enemy: my own mind.

Here, I wrote it. Now I need to practice.

I share my thoughts, you share your opinion.

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