Mysterious Moon

20. June 2018.
The Writer

The soul of a person is like the Moon.

Part of it is darkened by sad memories and pain, and another part is still shining in the light of the Sun. While the sun is traditionally portrayed as the illuminator of reason, the moon is the interpreter of secrets: It is reflective, both literally and figuratively. The moon changes its faces just like people do but like with people, there is a side that always remains hidden from view. It is like the quote from the novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez, „Everyone has three lives: A public life, a private life, and a secret life.

The moon reminds us that logical judgment – though our first and most important tool – does not necessarily provide all the answers we need. Sometimes it is only with reflection and wisdom that we realize the most profound truths; still, again, there are some things that will always remain secret. Finally, the moon reminds us that a little mystery is also magical and attractive: Even if you could know everything, would you really want to?


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