Problem? No Problem!

11. September 2018.
The Writer

Regardless we do it on purpose or not, in our minds, we always categorize people.

There are mothers, motorbike freaks, students, teachers, athletes, rebels, blue collar workers, nerds, pensioners, etc. Seemingly we can all fit into a ‘caste’, in fact; however, we are more alike than we could imagine.

Just picture a huge room filled with all these people classified into these castes. This story could stand here as a perfect example of discrimination. However, after a brief interview amongst the participants, we will shortly notice that we have far more in common than we would actually assume. A blue collar worker can be just as huge fan of literature as a teacher. A student and a person loving motorbikes can both have low self-esteem. A mother can be just as exhausted as an athlete, and a pensioner could have been bullied at school just like a nerd. What the point of this list is? To realize that we are never alone.

It might be a cliché, but the fact that everyone has his or her burden is an unarguable truth. We all have to face more and more problems day by day and we are the ones who can be completely aware of the seriousness and weight of these problems. Of course, every difficulty is unique just like our way of dealing with them but if we let our days to be controlled only by our problems, we are the ones who paralyze ourselves. The solution always lies in the unsolved. So don’t be afraid of zooming out a little bit because by stepping back from your problems, you may find your way out of them.

Instead of your problem let your will (give you) power.

I share my thoughts, you share your opinion.

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