Weight Before You Judge!

11. May 2018.
The Music Producer

I learned the first guitar chords many-many years ago in the hospital when I was still recovering from my accident. To distract my mind I started humming melodies, then bent over an anthology trying to connect the words with the tune. Then, I did not expect my love with music an poetry last a lifetime.

A few days ago I have released my new video clip for my latest song entitled Lim Lom. The song tells about the most ancient human behavior: judging. We are human – we form opinions, we label and we judge. But you can only fully know a story if you know every aspect of it.

You can only understand other people and the intention behind their decisions if you put yourself in their shoes. Maybe the life longed for is not that admirable? Consider before you judge!

I share my thoughts, you share your opinion.

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